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It˝s what you don˝t see that makes all the difference. Cobra˝s innovative Speedsters, do more than break new styling ground. With their triple-chromed, 2 1/2˝, full-length heat shields and clean stylish lines they˝re some of the best-looking exhaust systems available. Tucked away behind those shields is the Cobra˝ PowerPort, an engineering advancement that provides a performance increase similar to what you get from a 2-into-1 system. The PowerPort was developed to increase power, and to maintain overall rideability while remaining discreetly out of sight. And it does that while retaining all the great sound and style you expect from Cobra˝.

Cobra˝ designed the PowerPort to provide a significant performance increase similar to what you would expect to gain with a 2-into-1 system. Best of all, the PowerPort works while tucked away-almost unseen-behind the Speedster˝s full-length heatshields. Cobra˝ also located the PowerPort in the muffler section which allows for an easier installation because the customer can install the head pipes individually.

  • PowerPort increases power and overall rideability
  • The large 2 1/2" full-length heat shields fit tip-to-tip for seamless look and no bluing
  • Beautifully machined billet end caps for truly custom finish
  • Easy installation
  • Fit and finish is the best in the business
  • Made in the USA quality
Note: California law generally prohibits the sale and installation of aftermarket exhaust products UNLESS such products are installed on vehicles that did not come originally equipped with catalytic converters or are used only for racing and are never used upon a California highway.

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