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Features advanced acoustical tuning technologies for deep rumbling sounds with a 4 in. round muffler front expands to 4-1/2 in. diameter near the rear. Comes with a 3 in. core encased in proprietary Cobra® sound-tuning materials with specific acoustical dampening and thermal insulation properties; deep bass notes are made possible because of class-leading resonance absorption and prevention. Satin black muffler includes a custom heat shield to smooth transition from stock headpipes to Cobra muffler. Matte titanium finish on aluminum tip matches stock heat shields.
  • Tip features seven, 12-point bolts that provide the dished tip a distinctive, almost aircraft-quality look
  • Mfg/N 2527B
Note: California law generally prohibits the sale and installation of aftermarket exhaust products UNLESS such products are installed on vehicles that did not come originally equipped with catalytic converters or are used only for racing and are never used upon a California highway. Before selling or purchasing in California.

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Fits Yamaha XVS950 Bolt 13-16
product # 087775